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Exfoliate, Thicken, Activate!

Noie Beauty The  Invati Haircare Line by Aveda

For the last couple of years, I have noticed my hairline getting thinner and thinner, which as a male over 30 you have a higher chance. So of course, I started to research different products out there that could either help me either grow back my hair or keep what I already have.

Where to start? Luckily being in the hair industry I started talking to fellow professionals and everyone had an opinion, so I received tons of feedback. Honestly at the end of the day you have to try different products to see which works best for you and your situation. You have to examine what stage of thinning or hair loss you are at and why it is happening. There could be tons of reasons as to why you are thinning, for example stress, hygiene, diets, or just plan old genes. But figuring this out is another topic altogether, for now I want focus on this product and why I use it.

Many different companies such as Aveda, Kevin Murphy, Davines all have hair-thinning systems that help promote healthy care and control hair loss. I have tried all three and I feel that the Aveda one works best for me as I am in the early stages and it is more about preventing.

The first step is shampooing or exfoliating the scalp. The reason why we do this is to remove all the access the oil and dirt that clog up the hair follicles. When the hair follicle is clogged it can’t breath and if your hair is already weak it can snap and break. So we want to keep the scalp as clean as possible.

Noie Beauty  Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo

Step two, we condition which will help your hair to fell thicker and fuller. This conditioner has natural oils that contain soy protein and amino acids that help your hair build thicker growth. Personally, I choose to put the conditioner on the ends and let it sit for two minutes tops so it can fully penetrate into the hair. The reason why I do this is we don’t want too much of the thickening product to get back to the scalp (which we just cleaned). It can weigh down your hair at the roots and clog your pores.

Noie Beauty Aveda Invati Thickening Conditioner

After we have finished this we move onto step three. Once you are out of the shower you towel dry your hair and use the final step to activate your hair. The way I do this is to apply two to three squirts onto the thinning areas and message it in until it is not dripping. This is a scalp revitalizer that is infused with Turmeric and Ginseng helps energize the scalp and increases blood flow so that the existing hair follicle can grow.

Noie Beauty Aveda Invati Scalp Rivitailizer

The Aveda Invati line is a system that is meant to be used on a daily basis, the theory behind this is to have the cleanest scalp as possible so there is no clogging from products, hair spray and oils. Once the scalp is clean you are getting the nutrients from the treatment to revitalize the scalp. Depending on your situation some people argue that it is not good to wash your hair every day as it needs the essential oils, but with this system you are cleaning and adding the best nutrients back into the hair to help with growth and strength of the hair.

I personally choose to wash my hair once a day, usually in the evening as I want to wash out all the product in my hair so that it is not left on the scalp overnight. If your ends start to feel dry you can add a little bit of oil at the end (nothing on the scalp, keep it clean!).

I hope this helps. Let us know in the comments below how this worked for you!

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