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It's all about Chelsea...

Noie Fashion The Men's Chelsea

The Chelsea boot has been on everyone's mind in the last couple of years. I mean they have always been there but ever since YSL brought out those amazing tanned suede boots everyone has been gaga over them (including myself). It took me a while to find the right pair, that had a bit of a heel and was just pointed enough in the toe to flatter my body (pointed toe anything is my fav).

While Kris and I were shopping we came across a couple different styles but nothing that wowed me and all were super over priced. So we decided to pop into Topman as a last resort and lo and behold there they were. I instantly feel in love, the fit was right from heel to toe and the price was affordable. These retail for $179.99 which in my opinion is a total steal.

The boots have this rockstar feel, it is very london pop. It makes you feel like you are wearing a million dollars on your feet. The tanned suede is a little scuffed up so that when and if they get dirty you are not instantly upset. They have a snake skin texture which makes them very different from any other styles I've seen.

They are comfortable, affordable, stylish and versatile in my opinion. It is the perfect boot for fall and to have as an investment piece in your closet. It will go with any type of jean you buy and this colour will transition well from fall to spring and summer.

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