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The Cuban Collar

Noie Vacation Curacao fashion, The Men's Cuban Collar Shirt
Noie Vacation Curacao fashion, The Men's Cuban Collar Shirt

Just because you are on vacation in a hot climate doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. When it’s hot I love wearing lightweight fabrics like silk so that my body can breath and not sweat. You're on vacation so why not take a break from your usual style pallet, me I like to wear bold prints with a relaxed fit. My recommendation would be a Cuban style shirt with a bandana print, I love the look and loose feel of it.

Just like those old 1950’s photos and postcards we seen right now the Cuban collar shirt is in for men and many stores like H&M, Zara and Topman have come out with modern interpretations of it with tasteful designs, patterns, fits and fabrics. They are relaxed yet flattering on your body, you can wear them either open or rolled up. Nothing says vacation to me than wearing a laid back open silk shirt with either a pair of shorts or a bathing suit on the beach, it look so cool.

Noie Vacation Curacao, men's fashion trends: Men's Choker

Now I always say it does not hurt to accessorize, and what’s in right now is the choker for men, yes for men! I love it!!! It’s a small detail but it makes the outfit a little more stylized and elevates the look. You can always have fun with it, choose to contrast or bring focus and who is to say you can’t make something into a choker. Personally, I chose to take an anchor bracelet that I loved and make it into a choker as I felt it fitted in with the island lifestyle.

Noie Vacation Curacao walking around Willemstad, Men's Cuban Collar shirt

Even though this is very fitting for the vacation lifestyle, I find myself now wearing this on a regular basis because it fits my body perfectly. Style wise this is my current obsession.

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