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If you don't have one, you need one!

I have to say that the turtleneck is one of my favorite pieces to wear during the winter. I find it works well with my body type, I'm skinny with a long neck so sometimes I find that shirts do not fit me right. The turtleneck works because it frames my face and body without looking too thin. No matter what you wear with it, it always makes you feel chic and polished.

Noie Fashion The Turtleneck

This season I've been seeing a lot of layering with the turtleneck as the base, whether it is a chunky textured sweater or dress shirt under a trench coat or leather jacket. I love this trend as it really gives you more versatility with your look. Depending on what you pair with it you can make it look either retro or modern. This way you instantly increase your outfit options while reusing pieces that you already have in a new way. For my look I paired a basic grey turtleneck with a black wool knit sweater and wore it with a trench coat. All the pieces for this whole look came from Zara.

See? I told you needed one.

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