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Each year when Winterlicious comes around you know that all the food lovers are ready to jump and we are no exception. There are always so many places to choose from and the special preset menus means you don’t have to stress out trying to figure out what to pick. The only catch is you got to book in advance as some restaurants fill up fast.

Noie Lifestyle Kasa Moto Decor

We been eyeing Kasa Moto in Yorkville for a while now and when we saw that it was on the list we jumped at the chance. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a contemporary Japanese restaurant and lounge that mixes soft traditional elements with modern design to create a warm inviting ambiance. The staff was amazing; they were friendly and very attentive. Perhaps it was because we were there for lunch but the whole meal did not seem rushed at all and we were able to spend a lot of time chatting while sipping our lovely wine.

Noie Lifestyle Wine Kasa Moto

We both started off with the ‘Haidacore Tartare’, a generous mixture of avocado, miso ailo, shallots and scallion on a chip. Followed by ‘Bara-Chirashi’, which was a delicious deconstructed sushi bowl. Both dishes were flavoured perfectly and were not heavy at all.

Noie Lifestyle Kasa Moto Haidacore Tartare
Noie Lifestyle Kasa Moto Bara Chirashi

Of course the best part of the meal was the desert. I had the ‘Chocolate Stone’ which was very much like a chocolate lava cake, while Kris had the ‘Sweet Sensu’ a lime and green tea cake. Both of them were works of art, they were simple yet elegant and you almost didn’t want to eat them.

Noie Lifestyle Kasa Moto Chocolate Stone
Noie Lifestyle Kasa Moto Sweet Sensu

We will definitely be going back to Kasa Moto again to try more of their regular menu, check them out at Sadly Winterlicious ends way to soon and you are left wanting more…until next year. We hope you got a chance to try some of the amazing places out yourself and if you did how was it?

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