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Go bold with your bombers

Noie Fashion: Floral Bomber Jacket

If you look back on trends, you will see that the bombers have been back in for a while. It took me a little longer to get back into them as it reminded me of when I was in high school and wearing those oversized bomber jackets (that everyone seemed to have on back in the day). While I appreciate the look of the oversized style, the bomber jacket is not something I could wear everyday. That said, I’m really digging some of the more modern twists on the bombers that came out for spring. They are more fitted and have incorporated different graphic elements giving them a bit of a fashion makeover.

Noie Fashion: Grey "Stay True" Bomber Jacket

I'm all about positivity and I love how we are seeing strong positive messages appearing as design elements on garments. By wearing these pieces, I feel like I am spreading positive vibes. It's all about feeling good while looking good! A number of the bomber jackets Zara came out with in their current collection are doing just that. It's a real cool twist that gives the jacket a more edgy,street and casual feel. With a number of different colour choices to pick from, you are sure to find something with meaning that also works with your colour pallet.

If you haven’t noticed I love how the blush color looks, especially on me. So of course I found this wicked pink bomber at Zara that works perfectly. If that's a bit to bold for you, I also picked out a cool neutral grey one. They are both a great fit and really flatter my body type. Even better, they give you a lot of flexibility. You can pair them with dress shirts and jeans to dress it up a bit or go with a simple solid t-shirt to dress it down.

Noie Fashion: Blush Pink Bomber Jacket

You shouldn't be afraid to make a bold statement. Let your inner confidence come through with what you choose to wear! You can do it in many different ways from the colour, the style or even the pattern.

Noie Fashion: Floral Bomber Jacket

I think I found just that with this amazing blush and black floral bomber at Topman. The print is bold and fun but paired with the clean lines and cut, it gives you a sharp modern look that any guy can wear. It’s piece that you can dress up or down making it a perfect statement piece for spring!

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Zara: Pink Bomber Jacket
Zara: Grey Bomber Jacket
Topman: Floral Bomber Jacket

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