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The Importance of Exfoliating

Noie Beauty: Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Recently I came across dermalogica’s new product ‘Daily Superfoliant’ and I love it! I have been using this product for about two months now and my skin has never been better. I can't begin to describe how important exfoliating is when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Typically skincare specialists suggest that you exfoliate once a week but personally I don't feel that’s enough, we need to shed all the dead skin daily so that our skin can regenerate overnight. I first started doing it daily after I got back from vacation,with all the sun tanning I felt like there was build up on my skin (from all the lotion I had applied to not burn) and that it looked dull! Once I started using this product daily my skin instantly started looking fresh and bright again. There was a natural glow and I swear it actually made my tan look nicer!

Depending on what you are using and how abrasive it is you can be the judge on how often you want to exfoliate. I have used many different brands with different results. Some have felt like sandpaper on my face and it left my skin feeling irritated. If an exfoliant is doing this to your skin that's a sign the product is too strong or not good quality, it can be damaging your skin so stop it right away! I have tried others that felt as light as sand on your face, these are good but I wouldn't use it everyday as over time it can start to irritate you skin as well. With the Daily Superfoliant I feel as though I have finally found a product that I can use on a daily basis that isn't harsh on my skin. It has a dusty texture but when you add water it foams up like a cleanser. It's charcoal based solution and extracts dirt from the face as well as detoxifying the skin leaving it feeling super clean.

Depending on your morning routine there are a number of products you put on your face, such as cream, eye cream, serum, and makeup. As you go about your day there is natural oil build up on top of everything you have applied and this paired with the pollution from the city will leave your skin feeling grimy and clogged. So when I get home from a busy day I take a nice hot shower to clean my body and hair. During this time the steam from the shower helps open your pores so that when you apply the cleanser it will give you a deeper cleanse and leave your skin feeling fresh. Finally I exfoliate using the 'Daily Superfoliant' that way you're removing any dirt and dead skin you may have missed. I also recommend that you exfoliate your neck as it is exposed to just as much sun and pollution. After that comes my evening skincare regime, but that’s for another post where I’ll chat about the importance of serums.

All in all exfoliating helps with clearing away dead skin and maintaining a healthy, bright and younger complexion. What are your thoughts on exfoliants, do you use it daily as well? I would love to hear more about your daily regimen!

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